Armitage Beats

The 200th anniversary of Armitage Shanks


  • Challenge Involve and inform plumbers and installers around the 200th anniversary of the iconic ceramics and bathrooms brand Armitage Shanks, emphasising its longevity while also ensuring the brand is positioned as exciting, dynamic and forward thinking.


  • A PR campaign targeting plumbers and installers via their mobile phones and devices.
  • Installers could engage via two ‘fun’ android and iphone apps created by Havas.
  • The first – “Armitage Beats” allowed plumbers to draw from 200 recordings of plumbers using their tools at work and transforming them into mobile phone ringtones with the virtual help of a professional DJ engaged for the project. 
  • The second allowed plumbers to test their knowledge of bathrooms, water and plumbing via a quiz app called “H20 Levels”, which was created for the campaign.
  • Both apps were brought together under the campaign banner of Armitage 200, which was launched with a major press event in Central London, before being taken on a nationwide tour of plumbers’ and builders’ merchants.


  • 72 Peices of trade press coverage.
  • 85% of coverage stressed innovation and the expertise of Armitage Shanks.
  • £1.2m of sales attributed to the campaign.
  • 800,000 Twitter impressions.
  • 860,000 Video views.
  • 3.5m readers reached.

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