Danone Nations Cup

Challenge:  Use Danone’s sponsorship of the world’s biggest junior football tournament to demonstrate that the plastic used by its bottled water brands, Evian and Volvic, is a recyclable product.

Response: Havas commissioned the creation of a bespoke machine that heated and crushed empty Evian and Volvic bottles to form small pieces of plastic that could be recycled into other products. Using a 3D printer, these pieces were then reformed to create the medals and trophies that were awarded to children who played in the tournament. The children themselves were able to use the machines to create the first sustainable medals ever used in an international football tournament.

The machines were used at Danone Nations Cup finals events across the UK. The recyclable medals were made even more newsworthy when the International Olympic Committee subsequently announced that the medals to be awarded at the Tokyo Olympics were to made from recycled mobile phones.

Results: 20,000 water bottles were recycled during the Danone Nations Cup UK Finals, with over 2,000 childrem signing the recycling pledge and 7.5 million opporunities to see, hear and read about the recyclability of Danone's plastic water bottles.

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